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What does S.L.A.B. mean?

S.L.A.B. is our signature on certain products indicating that they can be used to:


Snare it,

Light it


Bind it.


So, when you see that it’s a S.L.A.B. product, it means that it’s more than just woven paracord. The S.L.A.B. belt/wrist-belt comes with additional survival tools to dominate the wilderness should you be stuck in it...or anywhere else, for that matter.


Can I really use it and then return it?

Would we lie to you?? Of course you can! In all seriousness, we make these products so they can be USED, not just worn.  If you are in a situation where you need the materials found in your Savage Expedition Gear, then by all means cut it in the appropriate places and use the paracord, snare wire, or fire starter. After you fandangle out of your predicament and realize that you can no longer survive without more Savage Expedition Gear, send the used materials back to us, along with a story describing how exactly they were put to use in saving your guts, and we’ll send you a replacement, free of charge! Sweet deal, huh?!



Do you offer any other colors?

Nope.  We have just over 20 colors and we think that is sufficient!



Can I request a custom order?

Sure! We aim to please. If there’s a product that we can weave and create for you, send us a message and we’ll see what we can do! Why not?



It says that I can unweave the belts and wrist-belts…but how easily is this done?

The belts can be unwoven with a snip or two. The key is knowing where to make the cuts so that you’ll have the max amount of cord in one long rope. If the products are cut in random or incorrect places, then you’ll have more shorter lengths. A guide and description on where to cut is included with each product purchased (as well as other helpful basic survival information).


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