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Assemble an emergency kit in your home including: first aid kit, enough canned food for 3 days, minimum of 3 gallons of water per person, sleeping bags, flashlight, radio (battery powered), personal ID, duct tape, rope, knife, money, fire starter, needle and thread.  


Plan an evacuation.  Know where you could go in the event of a flood; a relative or friend’s house.  


If a flood warning is issued for your area, move furniture and valuables to your houses highest point (not the roof).  

How to prepare for a flood...

Why You Need To Be Prepared For a Flood

Flooding is the number one most common natural disaster in the U.S. every year. Prolonged rainfall can be a cause of flooding, but so can hurricanes, and tsunamis.  It is imperative that everyone and anyone with any possibility of being stranded due to flooding be prepared!


If you do happen to be in a flood and you have your Savage Expedition Gear with you, you will be able to start a fire to keep warm, throw a rescue line to someone in the water, or hang tarps for shelter from the elements all with the belt you just happen to be wearing!


If you aren’t so prepared, here are some tips:

See what it would be like in this situation...







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If a flood is upon you...

Evacuate.  Follow authorities directions.  Drive through as little water as possible.



Move to the highest point possible.




Never walk through moving water.  Even water only 6 inches deep can have a dangerous current.  



If your car stalls in water, get out quickly and move to higher ground.