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Our Story

Savage Expedition Gear is a company that believes in keeping things local, simple, and green.  It is located in Western Oregon, the brith-place of awesome new ideas, and founded by Chris and Jenn Savage.  They began to realize that people are largely unprepared for disasters that may occur in their lives.  So, they came up with these products to give people ways to be prepared for the inevitable.  Savage Expedition Gear believes that everyone has need for their products.



Savage Expedition Gear was founded in January 2012 after the Savages returned from a year-long voyage abroad.  They spent their time in Costa Rica helping build a small church, and teaching English to underprivileged kids in Limon.  Why did they do this?  Really, they just wanted to give of their time and money and see what came of it.

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They kept a blog through the whole trip and named it The Savage Expedition of Unknown Length.  This is also where the inspiration for the company's name came from.  


During that time, they lived in the jungle in the Caribbean and Chris spent much of his time tromping through the jungle collecting bananas, coconut water, and random creatures that would present themselves.  It was then that he discovered the need for basic survival tools to be on oneself at all times.  He began brainstorming and came up with the original model of the Snare it, Light it, and Bind it S.L.A.B. Belt.  

They are committed to a continued spirit of giving with the belief that if everyone gave a little, everyone would have plenty.  Therefore, 5 percent of all of Savage Expedition Gear’s earnings goes to the school that they taught at in Limon Costa Rica, or to digging safe drinking water wells in Africa.  If you have a desire to give to either of those causes, please specify and they will make that happen.  


Thank you for your support and interest!  Contact us with any questions or suggestions.  We would love to hear from you.


Savage Expedition Gear

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5% of all orders will be given to one of two charities. Please see OUR STORY page for more information.

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