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These Survival Paracord Gun Slings are excellently woven to create a sling for your rifle that you can be proud of and say, “Hey Steve, look what I got!”    


Woven with about 70 feet of 7 strand USA made parachute cord (survival cord), these paracord gun slings will last a lifetime!  We use “Uncle Mikes” hardware that is renowned to be the toughest, most universal sling hardware available. However, if you need a different type of hardware, simply send it to us and we'll custom make a sling to meet your needs.


In the event of a true emergency, you are able to take apart your sling and use the paracord in a vast array of situations.  For example, if you make a kill on your hunt but are caught without your gear to string it up, use your sling and forget field dressing!  And always remember that with Savage Expedition Gear, if you use your gear in an emergency send it back (what is left of it) and we will get you a new one for free.  We don’t want people hesitating to use their gear if they need it.


Slings come in multiple lengths, and they are not adjustable.  If you find that the length you choose is not fitting, just send it back and we will get you one that fits better.  




Simply select your desired size and color by choosing from the drop down menus next to the product pictures. Once you buy, you will be sent a hand woven Survival Paracord Gun Sling. We will contact you with order confirmation.  If you are ever unhappy with your order, just send it back for an exchange or full refund (within 60 days).


Survival Paracord Gun Sling

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Shipping cost is $4.99 flat rate in the USA.  All orders over $40 recieve FREE SHIPPING in the USA.  International orders, proceed to checkout to view rates.




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The  most incredible part about our products is that if you ever use them in an emergency situation, just send them back and get a new one for free!

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Black                                                White                                             Chocolate Brown                      Olive Drab                                        Royal Blue

Charcoal Gray                                Forest Camo                                  Neon Yellow                                   Yellow                                               Burgandy

Desert Camo                                 Blue Camo                                      Navy Blue                                         Red                                                  Orange

Kelly Camo                                      Pink Camo                                      Hunter Green                                   Pink                                                  Purple


Gold                                                  Kelly Green


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