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The GIANT COMBO PACK brands anyone who wears it with the title, “Outdoors Enthusiast.”  It comes with your choice of Savage Expedition Paracord Belt and a S.L.A.B. Wrist-GIANT!


S - Snare it,

L - Light it, with a 1.5-2 inch flint fire starter stick and a backup ¾ inch.

A - And

B - Bind it with 60 to 75 feet (belt) and 18 (wrist-GIANT) more feet of super strong paracord!


For $39.99 you get 2 awesome products by Savage Expedition Gear.  The belt boasts 60 to 75 feet of fast deploying 550 lb test paracord useful in all emergency situations, a ferrocerium fire starter stick, and a chrome finish belt tip for fire striking.  The Wrist-GIANT holds 18 feet of that same strong paracord, 2 feet of snare wire, and a small half inch fire starter stick.  


You are guaranteed to love both of these items!  For more information on each item, see the individual product descriptions.


An small illustrated guide to animal snaring, fire starting with a ferrocerium fire starter stick, and knot tying is included with every Savage Expedition Gear purchase.





Simply measure your wrist right against your skin, and we will ship you a perfectly sized SLAB Wrist Belt that has plenty of give, but isn’t too tight.  Average men’s wrist size is 6.5 - 7.5 inches, while women average 5-6 inches.


Choose the wrist measurement, pant size (ex. 32 waist) and color selection by selecting from the drop down menus next to the product pictures.  We will contact you with order confirmation.  If you are ever unhappy with your order, just send it back for an exchange or full refund (within 60 days).



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The  most incredible part about our products is that if you ever use them in an emergency situation, just send them back and get a new one for free!


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Black                                                White                                              Chocolate Brown                    Olive Drab                                        Royal Blue

Shades of Gray                                Forest Camo                                  Neon Yellow                                   Yellow                                               Burgandy

Desert Camo                                 Blue Camo                                      Navy Blue                                         Red                                                  Orange

Kelly Camo                                      Pink Camo                                      Hunter Green                                   Pink                                                  Purple


Gold                                                  Kelly Green


Our Color Options

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IMGP3936 IMGP3940 IMGP3947 IMGP3945 IMGP3933 IMGP4014 IMGP3944b (Small) gladding-shades-of-gray-paracord-1000-feet-17 (2)

**For a waist size larger than a 42-45" measurement, please purchase belt and wrist gear individually.