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Go to the nearest exit! Never go up to the roof.  Never lock doors as you are leaving a burning room or building.  Doing so can hinder the efforts of rescue crews.



If you have to open any doors that you can not see through, feel the door.  If the door is hot, there is flame on the other side, DO NOT OPEN.  Use a different exit.



NEVER use an elevator!  You could become trapped as the elevator looses power.



Stay low.  Smoke rises, and you will find the cleanest air near the floor.  Cover your mouth with a damp cloth to breathe through.



Once outside, stay clear of the building and call 9-1-1 Emergency Services.

What to do if you are in a burning building...

How To Be Prepared For a House Fire

About 400,000 house fires occurred in 2010.  According to the CDC there were 13.350 injuries from those house fires.  Most people know someone that has had to endure the fear of a house fire and losing all of their personal items.  The greatest danger in house fires is in those with 2 or more stories.  The occupants get trapped up high and aren’t able to safely get down.  


If you have a Savage Expedition Belt, you can simply cut the end of the belt and instantly have plenty of paracord to get you down the side of a dangerous burning building.  If you aren’t so prepared here are some tips:

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What to do if you are trapped in a burning building...

If you are trapped in a room with a fire on the other side of the door, STAY CALM!



If there are no safe exits, seal the doorframe off with masking tape or wet cloths to prevent smoke from filling your non-burning room.  



Call 9-1-1 Emergency Services and give them your exact location.   If there is not a phone available, wave at the window to attract attention.  



If you do not have a Savage Expedition Gear paracord belt, wait patiently for the fire department to come and rescue you.